Salvatore Camposeo

Professor - UNIBA 

Project Coordinator

Research topics: expert on sustainable cropping systems, ripening indices and fruit quality. Head of the Bari University Research Unit of National and Regional project. Author and co-author of 40 SCI peer-review scientific paper

Gaetano Alessandro Vivaldi

Researcher - UNIBA

Executive Coordinator

PhD, research topics: international experience in reuse of municipal wastewater in agriculture. Lead and co-author on 18 SCI peer-reviewed journal articles.   

Francesco Fera

Consultant - Project Manager

Expert in local development, European policies and EU funding programs

Twitter: @francofera

Francisco Pedrero Salcedo

Post-doctoral Researcher - UNIBA

Large experience in management practices for sustainable and economic plant production using different reclaimed waters while conserving soil resources. He is a lead or co-author on over 25 SCI peer-reviewed journal articles.

Albero Mastro

Technician - UNIBA

Expert on water and soil analysis. Experience on experimental protocol design.

Giovanni Lacolla

Technician - UNIBA

Expert on soil physical analysis

Juan Carlo Intriago

Master degree student 

Master degree at Wageningen University.

Emilio Nicolas

Scientific researcher - CEBAS-CSIC

WP2 Principal investigator. Expert in wastewater reuse in agriculture. Principal investigator of national and regional projects. Author of 72 SCI peer-reviewed Journals.

Juan J. Alarcòn

Research professor - CEBAS-CSIC

Director of CEBAS-CSIC. Participation in 25 research projects supported by UE, National Plans and Private Farms. 75 articles in SCI peer-reviewed Journals. Invited speaker in different International Congresses related with "Water irrigation management in arid environments". 

M. Carmen Ruìz-Sànchez

Scientific researcher - CEBAS-CSIC

Large background in plant water relations, deficit irrigation strategies and plant-based sensors for improving irrigation scheduling. Author of more than 55 SCI peer-reviewed journals. 

Philippe Lebailly

Professor - ULg

WP5 Principal investigator. Expert on fruit crops chain, agriculture sustainability and agricultural policy. 

Michele Moretti

Post-doctoral research - ULg

He is specialized in life cycle impact analysis, agriculture sustainability and the integration of bio-economic models.

Thomas Dogot

Researcher - ULg

He is specialized in the field of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development in Belgium and in Developing Countries. 

Hossein Azadi

Senior Researcher - ULg

Specialized in interlinks between Rural Development, Agricultural Economics and Land Use Changes. In 2006 he was involved into the project: WUAs an integrated water resource management in Northeast Iran. 

Xanthoulis Dimitri

Professor Emeritus - ULg

Experience of 30 years in rural and urban water and sanitary engineering, including sanitation, water treatment/reuse/recycling of treated wastewater for irrigation in agriculture 

Anna Maria Stellacci

Professor - UNIBA nad CREA-SCA

PhD, principal investigator of CREA research unit. Her activities are mainly focused on the use of methodological protocols to compute soil quality indices using multivariate statistical approaches and on the analysis of hyperspectral data for assessing plant status.

Rita Leogrande 

Researcher, CRA-SCA

PhD, CREA-AA. Her research activities are mainly focused on the study of the effect of water management and organic fertilization on soil quality and plant response.

Mirko Castellini

Researcher, CRA-SCA

PhD, CREA-AA. His research activities are focused on the study of soil physical and hydraulic properties.


Researcher, CRA-SCA

PhD, CREA-AA. His research activity involves the assessment of physiological response of tree crops to water stress.

Daniela De Benedetto

Researcher, CRA-SCA

PhD, CREA-AA. Her research activities are focused on the collection of auxiliary information for the characterization of soil spatial variability using geophysical sensors (Electromagnetomer and Ground Penetrating Radar).

Carola Vitti

Researcher, CRA-SCA

PhD, CREA-AA. Her research topics include the definition of analytical protocols to assess soil chemical and microbiological fertility and soil organic carbon fractions under different water and soil managements.

Lucas Galera

Director of Novedades Agricolas

WP1 Principal investigator. 


R&D Department - Novedades Agricolas

Agronomist Engineer working in NOVEDADES for more than 6 years, and previously in different companies. Expertise in water desalination plants and filtering techniques.


R&D Department - Novedades Agricolas

Technical Engineer is working in NOVEDADES for 11 years, 5 of them in R&D Dept. He has previous experience in other companies. Expertise in the integration of technologies for sustainable agriculture. 


R&D Department - Novedades Agricolas

Technical Engineer working in NOVEDADES for more than 5 years. Expertise in Energy saving and solar panel technology.