Workshop: Reuse of municipal wastewater in agriculture - DESERT project

10th May - Accademia dei Georgofili Bari - Italy

Workshop "Yout Innovating with Wastewater for a Sustainable Mediterranean"

21st-22nd March 2017 - Marseille - France

HidroNic- Desal and HidroNic-Fert prototypes at the experimental field.

Roldan - Spain

Congreso International Life Ecocitric 

16th-17th November - Auditorio Leopoldo Penarroja. La Vall D'Uixo CASTELON - Spain

Workshop of the European Group of LIFE ReQpro project

27th and 28th October 2016 - Murcia - Spain

Students of University of Wageningen visited experimental platform of CEBAS -CSIC

22nd October 2016 - Murcia - Spain

CEBAS-CSIC, received the visit from staff of the Agriculture Department, State Govt. of Himachal Pradesh (India)

19th October 2016 - Murcia - Spain

Seminar: Irrigation Water Management on Semi-Arid Climates: Strategies and Reuse"

22th September 2016 - Bari - Italy

Kick off meeting DESERT project

21st September 2016 - Bari - Italy


Kick off meeting